Package :

1. Payment of orders is due in full when booking is made. No refund will be given under any circumstances in the event of cancellation by the client, when the order is placed.

2. SENS Studio may arrange the replacement photographer in the event that the assigned photographer is not able to attend your booking owing to any cause beyond their reasonable control, such as sudden illness, injury, accident or any unforeseen factors.

3. Receipt should be kept by the client for proof of payment and booking.

4. Client should reserve a time for selecting photos after shooting.

5. Original digital image are kept on an active file for maximum 6-month from the date of photo shooting, after which time they will be deleted unless expressly stated otherwise by SENS Studio/ SENS Pet Studio. At the same time, clients are equivalent to giving up all the images and products including in their purchased photography package. Should any digital photo files be lost, damaged or destroyed, SENS Studio/SENS Pet Studio will not responsible for the compensation after the validity period.

6. SENS Studio/SENS Pet Studio reserve the full copyright for all photographic images created during sessions to be displayed in the studio, portfolio, or in any other advertising directly associated with SENS Studio/ SENS Pet Studio.

7. All services and/or goods are supplied at the current prices ruling at the time of supply and are subject to change without prior notice.

8. If there are any digital files lose due to technical problem, such as malfunction of camera or data server or memory stick, SENS Studio/SENS Pet Studio will refund the price of the package you paid ONLY, others additional fee will not be refunded.

Product :

9. Full payment is required for all goods and additional orders.

10. If the product is involved layout design. There is a production lead-time around 90-day against the date of the layout design confirmation agreed by the client.

11. All goods sold are nonexchangeableand nonrefundable

12. Client is recommended to collect the products within 45-day upon receipt of the notification.

13. All of the SENS Products are packaged to a satisfactory standard and kept in a safe manner for 30-day validity, SENS Studio shall not be responsible to recover any loss or damage exceed the validity period.

14. It is client’s responsibility to take care of the pets; SENS Pet Studio will not accept any responsibility due to any accident to pets or damage to public or private properties.

15. Please arrive on time for your session. If you are late, your session length may be reduced accordingly or cancelled, with no refund or reshoot provided.

16. SENS Studio/SENS Pet Studio retains the rights of modification and implementation for all regulations and preferential terms.